Mcgonigal Signature Homes


As a family run business, we understand the importance of creating a space where quality time can be enjoyed stress free. 

What Makes Mcgonigal Signature Homes Different?

Mcgonigal Signature Homes was founded in 2005 by myself, Jason & my wife, Christine Mcgonigal. Your home is the place you go to relax, to spend quality time, and where you create memories. We work with our buyers 1-on-1 and listen to your every need. With us, you’re always speaking directly to the owner, which means if you ever have any questions, you can pick  up the phone and talk to us anytime. This may be “old school” but we believe it makes the difference.  Here are some of the things customers love about working with us:

Often at the end of the build, it's hard for us to turn the keys over. It's a running joke but we put so much pride into every home that it feels like giving you our house by the end haha. Which is something we're very proud of.

Our Team

Proud to be family owned for over 15 years

Christina Mcgonigal

Christina Mcgonigal


Jason Mcgonigal

Jason Mcgonigal




Local Trades We Trust

We pride ourselves in working with great businesses run by great people.